November 30, 2012

Sato Natsuki Graduates from AKB48

From the official AKB48 blog - Sato Natsuki announced her graduation.

We are letting you know that on November 30th, Sato Natsuki graduated from AKB48.

We are sorry about the sudden announcement.

However she reached this conclusion after thinking about this thoroughly, so we have accepted it.

We have reproduced her message to fans below:

Sorry about the sudden news.

I, Sato Natsuki, will graduate from AKB48.

As a second generation member, I have really accumulated a lot of experiences during my time in AKB.  I have met and said goodbye to a lot of people during my exciting times here.

After 6.5 years here, the Tokyo Dome concert this summer was an eye-opening experience for me.

Being able to perform on the stage of Tokyo Dome, even though I was definitely not the focus of the concert, was definitely proof that I have accomplished my dream.  I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.

I joined AKB I was 15, and when I realized it, I am 22...and because I am already 22...

I've been thinking about that, but realized I have been looking at the world as if I have seen a lot, and thought "wait, I am just 22."

Maybe there are things I have overlooked.

I realized there are still a lot of challenges, and a lot of things that need to be done diligently.

That's why now I want to go to an University, study hard, and graduate.

I want to be recognized as an able individual and I have to work hard for that.

I am going to focus on my studies and put the entertainment industry behind me.

I am sorry that I have come to this conclusion selfishly and caused trouble.

To fans that have supported me...

Thank you for all the smiles and all the love.
All my fans have great smiles that cheered me up and gave me courage all the time, but I've always been on the receiving end.
I have shown you my weaknesses as well, but you guys have become my support, which made me stronger.
Thank you for supporting someone like me.
I am grateful.

To my family...
Thank you for always being on my side.
I am sorry about all the trouble and tears I caused.
I will return the love you gave me many times more.
Thank you so much.

To staff and members - 

To all the staff, who have always been serious to me when I asked for advice.
To all the members that have laughed, cried and went through everything with me.

Because you were here all along with me
I was able to enjoy everything from the bottom of my heart.
The ability to laugh from the bottom of my heart until I start crying, I think that doesn't happen all the time.

The times I was able to spend with everyone during our extremely busy days, when we have to give everything every single day, is my life-long treasure, and it will serve me well for the rest of my life.

Thank you for the extremely happy times.

Sato Natsuki

November 29, 2012

Follow-Up Entry from Masuda Yuka

Masuda Yuka posted a follow-up entry today, found here

After reading the article and all the related reports, as well as messages from everyone, I feel that my blog post yesterday was written poorly and did not say everything I wanted to say, which made more people worry about me.
The article used words like "passionate love" and "adultery", which really shocked me because these are really not true.
I was able to build many relationships with other performers, which includes ISSA-san.
We talked about our dreams, futures, acting and singing.
Every day we talked about various things.  ISSA-san, as one of the performers, is like a brother to me and there are no romantic feelings whatsoever.
However, it was true that I acted inconsiderately, so it is not surprising this incident was written up that way. I am very very sorry.
Stage performance will start soon.
I am going to do my best.

Masuda Yuka

November 28, 2012

Masuda Yuka Resigns from AKB48

Masuda Yuka announced her resignation from AKB48 earlier this evening.

Here is the full translation of the related blog post, found here

"To Everyone"
Sorry about not updating this for a while.
This is quite sudden, but there will be an article about me tomorrow in one of the weekly magazines.
The article is about me staying over at the house of ISSA-san, who is from DA PUMP.
There are many untruths in the article, but the part about me staying over was true.
This inconsiderate action of mine has led to a lot of misunderstandings, as well as shocked many fans, team members, staff and family members that have supported me.
I have been thinking a lot about "Where to go from here?" In order to really draw a line, I have decided to withdraw from AKB48, as sudden as it is.
I am truly sorry to my fans, who have supported me since the beginning, that my withdrawal ended up like this.
To the people that are worrying about me because of the article, I wrote this blog post because I wanted to apologize to them first with my own words.

Masuda Yuka

October 24, 2012

Mitsumune Kaoru Graduates from AKB48

The official blog announced today that Mitsumune Kaoru has submitted her resignation from AKB:

With regards to Mitsumune Kaoru, who has been resting since August due to poor health - we are writing to let the fans know that she has submitted her resignation.

Here are her comments.

I know this is quite sudden, but I would like to quit from AKB48.
I joined last year as a 13th-generation Kenkyuusei, and was promoted to the new Team K during this summer's cabinet shuffle, I think there are surprised people asking why I am quitting. 
I have always been a bit weak, and that made it difficult for me to stand in front of you in perfect health.  I feel that if I just leave it like this, it will definitely cause trouble to those around me, and will put more pressure on myself, so I have asked to be let go.
All the staff member cheered me up and told me that it's ok to "slowly nurse myself back to full health", but I feel that maybe it's better if I quit AKB activities altogether.
As of now, all I've been doing is causing trouble to members and the staff because of my poor health, and it makes me really dislike myself.
I came to this conclusion after long discussions with staff members, and in the end they respect my decision to leave.
Now that I have announced this, I would like to apologize to everyone - not limited to fans and those who have supported me, because I have caused trouble equally to other members and staff. Even though I am no longer an AKB member, I would still like to appear before you in one way or another after resting and returning to my best condition.  I would be happy if you would wait patiently. 
I've only been here for 10 months, which is not a very long time, but I've experienced many things that can't be taught.
It was very enjoyable to spend time in the company of so many people.
Thank you so much for having me.  We will definitely meet somewhere sometime later. 
Mitsumune Kaoru

Just like all the fans, we hope we can meet her again soon.

June 18, 2012

AkiP's G+ Post About Sashihara

Let's talk about Sashihara Rino's move to HKT48.

We talked to her about the magazine article.
Her response was "Not everything in there is true, but there's nothing I can do about it if people want to believe everything."
This happened 3-4 years ago, when she was still a kenkyuusei.  As an AKB48 member, she is ashamed and deeply regrets these irresponsible actions.
She has been given a "yellow card" and disciplined accordingly.

Her mental strength and "never give up" attitude are exemplary among AKB members.
I would like for her to pass this strength to junior members, so she is moved to the recently formed HKT48.
Those who say that she was "demoted" is insulting HKT48 members, as well as the fans and staff who support them.
We reached the conclusions after a long meeting that we want to present Sashihara with a new challenge, as well as motivate the young HKT48 members.

How clumsy can she be, despite having reached 4th place as voted by fans?
This is an important time...
But this is Sashihara.
Maybe she will come back as the leader HKT48, the strongest group among this franchise.
Or she will blend in as part of HKT48, the strongest group among this franchise.

Please keep supporting the AKB member that is "most likely to not perform according to expectations".

June 7, 2012

Quick Thoughts on 27th Senbatsu Election

Sorry about the lack of updates.  I spent all of May preparing for my wedding, which took place on June 2nd.

Anyway here are some thoughts on the election...

- Quite surprised that Muto Tomu ranked, super low-key KKS is now the center of Future Girls.  Looking forward to more of her.

- 23rd is a great place for Paruru to start.  It is low enough that if she does climb in the rankings, the progress will be very visible, and decently high for a popular member of a new team that is trying to prove itself.

- Akicha is much better as center of Undergirls than a back-row dancer in Senbatsu.  See also: "Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara".

- 10 out of 16 Undergirls are NOT from AKB48, this will make the Tokyo girls work harder.

- Umechan finally in senbatsu!

- Kasai at 12th was quite surprising, considering we did not see a lot of her in the past year.  I almost thought she was not going to be called altogether.

- Jurina beats Rena.  I do acknowledge and admire her for being one of the hardest working members, but I feel that the hype surrounding her move to Team K and news about her physical condition gave her more votes than her work ethics / personality.

- Tomochin at 8th.  Both surprising and unsurprising.

- Mariko's speech was the most interesting of all.

- Sasshi jumped to 4th.  I still don't understand what her appeal is, but her visible hard work really paid off.

- Slightly surprised Yukirin did not move up to 2nd.  Queen of handshake events defeated by an Android :O

- I feel that Acchan stole Yuko's moment by coming out so early during her speech.

April 13, 2012

Quick Summary of 4th Senbatsu Election Candidates, Horse-Racing Style

This is taken from 2ch - therefore it is not "official" nor politically correct, but I thought it was hilarious and decided to translate it.

In Japan, betting on horse racing is quite popular, and there are newspapers/tabloids dedicated to this.  The writers use 4-character phrases to describe what they think of each horse.

Translated here are comments on last year's Top 40 members - I will try to use phrases with 4 words as well.

(edit - added Oba Mina)
(edit 2 - corrected translation for Nacchan, should say "good")

April 11, 2012

Hara Mizuki's Long Post on Her NMB48 Career

It's quite late to talk about this now, but
I announced my graduation during the performance on 9th.

AkiP: Hard Work Will Pay Off Someday

This is most likely a response to Yamamoto Sayaka's long post, which itself is a response to a long post from Hara Mizuki (recently graduated kks).

For those who think their hard work have not paid off.

The only thing you can do is keep up the hard work.
Work hard, and wait for your chance, that's really about it.

April 3, 2012

Togasaki on SDN48's Final Concert

Hi everyone, I just got home from the post-concert celebration.
I am seriously drunk.
I probably will regret writing this drunk post...

I think today's SDN48 graduation concert
was really really the best concert.
"Complete Combustion" (translator note: going all out)
are probably the best words to describe the concert.
And even though I already know this, today I was reassured that SDN48 is really supported by passionate fans.

The cheering was loud enough to shake up NHK Hall.
The MIXing chants, and the voices from all the fans that called out their names one by one.
All of these show their love for SDN48.
Members were crying because they saw the fans were cheering and crying until their voices gave out
But in the end there were smiles on all of their faces as they finished with "Kodoku na Runner" in true SDN48 fashion.

Like Noro said
"We SDN48 may not leave a huge legacy like AKB48, but we are happy as long as we can remain in your memories."
Today will definitely be remembered.

The members that gave everything during the 2-year, 8 months of SDN48 career also gave everything they had today.  They "completely combusted" as some members collapsed after the show and remained immobile for a while.
They will treasure this experience as all 39 members were of one mind today.
From here on, please feel free to come back to the theater and recharge if you're having a rough day or feeling down.

Finally - after the concert I had an argument with a fan who could not come to terms with SDN48 graduation.  Things got emotional and I am sorry that it went bad.


March 31, 2012

Maeda Atsuko's Message to Fans

She gave a speech during "AKB48's All Night Nippon" radio program, here is the full translation.
(Wingom from ProjectSUB48 helped me with parts that I couldn't figure out - Thanks!)

AkiP and Kobayashi Kana

Kobayashi Kana posted about a conversation with her father:

Dad called and yelled at me -
He told me to work harder
and that I'm not understanding the order of chance is different for everyone
Comparing me with others
He must be worried.
I understand
I do understand, but...
and now I'm writing this because I'm feeling down
I'm sorry.

AkiP shared this and responded:

Everyone is working pretty hard.
So is Kana.
You don't know when the order of chance is coming to you.
Maybe it won't.
But you can only do your best and wait.
But didn't "Kurukupaa" rank pretty high this year during Reqhest Hour?
It's because you were sitting there with the green onion.
You're waiting for your chance.
I can only tell you to keep doing your best.
But, someone will surely see your worth down the road.

Oh and sorry about the lack of formatting in the past few entries - too many things going on and had to translate as fast as possible, so formatting had to take the backseat.

March 29, 2012

AkiP Posts More About Maeda Graduation

Sponsors, advertisement agencies and record company were surprised by Maeda Atsuko's graduation announcement.
Usually I'm supposed to be the one making all the arrangements, 
but it turned out like this because I let Maeda make the final decision.

I think she was able to do it without hesitation and confusion because I told her, "Don't think about anything else and decide for yourself."

I would like to apologize to all the staff.
I will take full responsibility.

But her smile was so refreshing - wasn't it great?

I am writing this because I've been getting an earful at meetings about commercials and CD releases, after the graduation announcement hype calmed down a bit.

March 25, 2012

AkiP On Maeda Atsuko Graduation Announcement

Maeda Atsuko announced her graduation.
We discussed this quite a few times, and of course I tried to stop her, but I told her "please decide for yourself".
I also said that if she decides to announce it, then do it on the last day of SSA concert.
Probably during the MC of "Dareka no Tameni".
When her hand was on her chest and she was calming down, I thought, "she's going to do it."

She is a stoic person.
She doesn't like to have casual/meaningless relationships with people so she corners herself.
She is a loner.
She is hard on herself and sometimes people think she's cross.
But it's also difficult for her when she thinks everyone coddles her.
Maybe she is afraid that if she stays in this easy environment longer, she might become an unreasonable, selfish person.
So, she is going to challenge herself by jumping into the cruel real world.

I have asked the ever-so-clumsy Maeda to be the center for 6-1/2 years, so it's time to let her do what she wants.

We haven't decided anything yet, but we would like everyone to send warm wishes to her graduation.

You worked very, very hard.
You did great.

More Afterthoughts from AkiP and Togasaki about Jurina and Miyuki

Oops, I meant to post yesterday, but this post didn't go through.
It's difficult to decide whether or not to go ahead with something new,
because of course some people will disagree.
I am the producer of the entire AKB48 group.
I don't think it's a good idea to only focus on making AKB48 better.
SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48 are also important groups.
I don't know what the time frame is for Jurina and Miyuki's rental transfer,
because we haven't decided the schedule for original performance for Team N of NMB48, new performance for Team S of SKE48, Team K and B of AKB48.
Also because we want to give them more experience.
Of course it will be slow and we will not overwork the members.
We also want Jurina to do well in school.
It's possible that AKB48 members will be "studying abroad" and sent to SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48.
Let's try some new ideas.

Thanks for everyone's passionate comments.
"Please explain this in detail"
It's important to explain everything,
but I am not at liberty to tell you everything.
With regards to Jurina, her health condition is our priority.  She works harder than her body allows because she feels responsible as one of the two centers of SKE48.  In a good way her rivalry with Rena is keeping her up.
To be concurrently in SKE and AKB, I feel that she's not resting if she doesn't perform when she is asked to go on stage.  It's also no good to let Jurina rest when SKE is working very hard out there.  I talked to Yuko and Itano from AKB, and they think that Jurina can grow by learning the group stage songs, and SKE will grow by having to cover Jurina's absence.
With regards to Miyuki - she is always between being confident and being worried.  She always double-checks with the manager about her position for new songs or gravure shoots.  She is the type that cries and comes asking "Why was I not chosen" when we announced that Yamamoto Sayaka was picked for senbatsu for AKB's new song.  As one of the two current centers of NMB, and as future center material, we want her to have more charisma like Kashiwagi or Mayu.
We want Team K to benefit from Jurina's high potential, and Team B to benefit from Miyuki's "magic" - this should give them a good jolt.
I am doing this for SKE and NMB.
If this decision turns out wrong,
I will resign as SKE and NMB's producer.
Of course, if this is also a wrong decision for AKB,
then I will resign as AKB's producer as well.
I will push the entire AKB group forward, even if this means putting myself on the line.

Here's one more thing.
A lot of people are asking, "Why them?"  So here's the answer.
These are "signs".  Like when a flower about to bloom, I feel these girls are on the brink of stardom.
Even if it's just now.
Maybe there will be other "signs" in 6 months, from members that I didn't choose.
The cruel part,
is that blooming has nothing to do with seniority or hard work.
It's not that hard work doesn't pay off, but rather "hard work" is one of the minimum requirements.
But still they won't bloom equally.
I want to make as many members bloom, so I change how I shine the light on them, I choose different fertilizers, I change the amount of water.
Like Iwasa Misaki, the first Enka singer in AKB, and Matsui Sakiko, who is about to release her first solo album.
But what will happen to ones that haven't bloomed?
They get worried, and they become dissatisfied with how they are being brought up.
What kind of advice am I suppose to give them?
It's hard to console them.
"Wait until you bloom"
"Wait until the it's your chance"
Do I focus on a few, or open up the field to everyone and end up not having a lot of flowers blooming?
Maybe one can get into AKB.
But it isn't guaranteed that everyone will become a star.
It's "Can you accept this cruel reality?"
As a producer I always try my hardest to make as many people stars as possible.
But I want them to understand that the road to stardom requires more than this.
"But Akimoto-san decided that I pass the audition"
So even the ones that haven't bloomed will have a chance to bloom.
What if you're still not blooming?
Then that means I have bad eyes.
So please go see someone else who has more talent than me.
I will write referrals.
Until then, please let me know of "seeds" that I haven't noticed.

Last week, I stayed up all night writing a new NMB song.  Now I'm writing a new SKE song.
I think about these groups more than anyone else, but am I making the wrong decisions?
I've stopped writing.
What to do.
It's a shame that SKE and NMB fans don't understand where I'm coming from.

From Togasaki:

I have received a lot of questions from everyone, regarding the "Concurrent" roles.  We will let you know as soon as we work out the details and adjustments, so please bears with us.
As expected, we acknowledge that there are pros and cons.
Looks like there are a lot of people that want to talk to me in person - please come see me at the Theater CD handshake event on April 7th in the Manager Room.
I would also like to meet SKE and NMB fans to talk about this.
I have talked to the respective managers and will be going to their respective event venues, so please wait patiently.
Anyway - these sudden announcements might be shocking, but the theme for AKB48 group, known for its increasing sister units and sub-units, is "change".
The two members will bring DNA from their time in AKB48 and spread them in SKE/NMB.  By the same token, SKE/NMB DNA will be brought to AKB48.
We would like to think of this as a chemical reaction.
What kind of reaction, though?  I would be glad to wait with everyone and find out.

March 24, 2012

AkiP: We Are Making A Team 8

We got a lot of worried responses regarding the KKS/trainees that did not get promotions...we were not going to announce this until later, but I'll spill it.

I'm sure some of you already know, but

We will have a Team 8.
That's our target.

they need some sort of challenge.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Let's hope for some chemical reaction.

I talked to Jurina and Miyuki after the concert.
They talked about their love for SKE and NMB.
Of course I know what they mean.
SKE and NMB will show you what they are made of.

Full Togasaki G+ Post on Promotions/Transfers

We had some "surprise announcements" at the end of the SSA concert just now, and I'd like to report them here.

There were two announcements today.

First announcement was promotions to Team 4.  Those promoted were:

Kato Rena
Kawaei Rina
Iwata Karen
Tano Yuuka
Takahashi Juri

The other announcement is about filling Team K and Team B's roster, one spot each:

To join Team K:
Matsui Jurina from SKE48 Team S

To join Team B:
Watanabe Miyuki from NMB48 Team N

These two new members will still perform with their respective teams, which are Team S of SKE48 and Team N of NMB48.

As AKB48 members, there is a limited time for the "rental transfer, and we would like to see them develop while working with sister groups, as we think there is a lot they can learn from one another.  So please send them your warm thoughts and keep cheering for them.

Thank you for your continuous supportive to AKB48 and its affiliated groups.

March 15, 2012

Kashiwagi Yuki's Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich Available at AKB Cafe

Lately the AKB cafe in Akihabara is getting all sorts of new items.  The two that are being discussed on google+ are Paruru's Blueberry Cream Sandwich and Yukirin's Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich.

The former was introduced a while ago and received a lot of good reviews.  It was even pulled off the menu for a while because "the taste was a little bit off from the original", and chefs scrambled to reproduce the taste of Shimazaki Mama.

Then one day Yukirin decided to post one of her favorites - Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich.  The reactions were very polarized but it generated a lot of discussion.

Yesterday AkiP finally got a chance to try out both and this is what he said...

March 14, 2012

AkiP Posts More About Clubs

An informative g+ post from AkiP today - we finally get a glimpse of what each club is working on.


Art Club, do your best!
We're counting on you, Katayama!

[translation note: it's art club's first day and they're out doing stuff, so Katayama will probably post more later]

Light Music Club, how about composing some songs to practice?
We'll put it in an album.
We're counting on you, Yokoyama!

Cultural Club, see if you can get some sort of weekly/monthly column somewhere.
Also think about new TV programs.
You can even make movies or dramas.
We're counting on you, Kitahara!

Cooking Club - how about making some items for AKB cafe, plan a TV show or publish a recipe collection?
We're counting on you, Nakatsuka!

Drama Club - have you started any workshops?
I would like to see some scripts/scenarios in the theater soon.
Let's discuss this soon.

Looks like there are calls for sports clubs, but we don't really have any place for it at the moment.

March 12, 2012


This blog is now on twitter as well -

Short translations that don't require elaborate write-ups will be posted there.

March 11, 2012

Urano Kazumi Tentatively Joins Watarirouka Hashiritai 7: Reactions from Warota Members

News of a new Watarirouka 7 member broke out around 10pm on March 10th after AkiP announced his decision (my translations for those are available in the relevant article on Melos no Michi).  This was a surprise to both fans and members alike.  I follow a lot of AKB fans in Southeast Asia on twitter, and my list was scrolling almost as fast as the comments on google+ after the news was reported.

Here are the responses from Watarirouka Hashiritai members...

March 10, 2012

AKB48 Interviews in HongKong Walker Part 1

The March issue of HongKong Walker featured AKB48 members on the cover, as well as a separate A4-sized booklet with interviews from these members and some information about the AKB48 Official Shop in Hong Kong.  At the end it also contains a list of upcoming AKB-related events in Hong Kong.

This post includes translations first two interviews.  Part 2 will include translations of the remaining interviews and the list of upcoming events in Hong Kong.

March 9, 2012

Things I'm Currently Working On

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been busy preparing for my wedding in June.

Here are some articles I'm working on:
- Double Interview: Maeda Atsuko x Oshima Yuko
- Oshima Yuko article in Girls! 
- Ikoma Rina short interview in Girls!
- AKB48 Interviews in Hong Kong Walker 

I will try to post at least one each week.

March 2, 2012

AkiP Compares AKB Members to Food

This was pretty funny and I just had to share.

AkiP's response to fan comments at 1am March 2nd:

I've been reading all the comments, and a lot of people were asking that we treat all the members equally when it comes to cutting and editing their time on screen in commercials or music videos - unfortunately that cannot be the case.

"I don't remember ever eating a memorable Makunouchi Bentou" [tl note: a bento box with at least 3-4 different side dishes, sometimes more]
There are too many side dishes, so they're not that memorable.
The Unagi [eel] Bento was very delicious,
The Ikura [salmon roe] Bento was great,
The Gyu-tan [beef tongue] Bento was excellent,
That's because there was only one dish.

If everyone got the same amount of attention in commercials or videos, people won't remember.
Of course, I do want to make sure everyone gets their fair share of screen time.
I'll ask the director to see what he can do.
Now I wonder...did he have any particular members in mind when he mentioned Unagi, Ikura, or Gyu-tan?

February 24, 2012

Recent G+ Posts from Akimoto Yasushi

Even Akimoto Yasushi needs to vent once in a while.

Ever since joining g+, he has been posting a lot of extra information interjected with personal opinion, and followers almost always immediately hit the comment limit of 500.  Some offer praise, some question his decisions, and some leave rude comments that are uncalled for.

February 15, 2012

Nogizaka46 from Nikkei Entertainment, March 2012 / 乃木坂46 日経エンタテインメント 2012 3月号

The group that's been the center of everyone's attention has finally debuted!

Nogizaka46, the group that was branded as "Official Rival of AKB48", will release their first single "Guru Guru Curtain" on February 22, 2012.  A hot topic even before the debut, here we will show you their personalities.

February 7, 2012

Takahashi Minami's Mother Arrested?!

I came across these scans this afternoon by way of Twitter.  These are from the newest issue of Shukan Bunshun (週刊文春), which is a weekly magazine in Japan that reports "scoops you cannot see on the news."  Japanese Wikipedia article lists quite a few "controversial" articles this magazine has published in the past.  While Bunshun is not as low as the tabloids in US, it is probably not the most reliable source of news.  

But people (and AKB48 fans, for sure) are curious and want to know what happened.  So here is my translated version, originally posted on Everyday48.

Edit on February 8th, 2012 - unfortunately, this did happen.  Jiji Press confirmed this yesterday afternoon.

February 3, 2012

光宗 薫 週刊プレイボーイ 2012 No. 7 / Mitsumune Kaoru from Weekly Playboy 2012 No. 7

Credit goes to ryokoayublue

December 8th, 2011.  She took the stage for the first time as a 13th-generation trainee on the day marked the 6th anniversary of AKB48's theatrical debut.

Her name is Mitsumune Kaoru.

She was the subject of almost all discussions among fans that day.

"Who the hell is she?"

Her overwhelming beauty and sense of fashion are unparalleled - someone like this has never existed in the AKB48 line-up.

Just who is she?

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I'm a translator for Melos no Michi (news, special interviews) and ProjectSUB48 (TV shows).

My Oshis
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