June 7, 2012

Quick Thoughts on 27th Senbatsu Election

Sorry about the lack of updates.  I spent all of May preparing for my wedding, which took place on June 2nd.

Anyway here are some thoughts on the election...

- Quite surprised that Muto Tomu ranked, super low-key KKS is now the center of Future Girls.  Looking forward to more of her.

- 23rd is a great place for Paruru to start.  It is low enough that if she does climb in the rankings, the progress will be very visible, and decently high for a popular member of a new team that is trying to prove itself.

- Akicha is much better as center of Undergirls than a back-row dancer in Senbatsu.  See also: "Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara".

- 10 out of 16 Undergirls are NOT from AKB48, this will make the Tokyo girls work harder.

- Umechan finally in senbatsu!

- Kasai at 12th was quite surprising, considering we did not see a lot of her in the past year.  I almost thought she was not going to be called altogether.

- Jurina beats Rena.  I do acknowledge and admire her for being one of the hardest working members, but I feel that the hype surrounding her move to Team K and news about her physical condition gave her more votes than her work ethics / personality.

- Tomochin at 8th.  Both surprising and unsurprising.

- Mariko's speech was the most interesting of all.

- Sasshi jumped to 4th.  I still don't understand what her appeal is, but her visible hard work really paid off.

- Slightly surprised Yukirin did not move up to 2nd.  Queen of handshake events defeated by an Android :O

- I feel that Acchan stole Yuko's moment by coming out so early during her speech.

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  1. I was surprised too with Tomochin and also KojiHaru ranking, i hoped they will end higher but at least they are in Senbatsu.
    i still dont understand Sashihara Rino wave, i would like to see her on place somewhere around 13-16th place no 4th...
    and i am pretty interested in center Yuko- Mayu, cant wait for that 27th single ( but i will miss Acchan T.T )