November 30, 2012

Sato Natsuki Graduates from AKB48

From the official AKB48 blog - Sato Natsuki announced her graduation.

We are letting you know that on November 30th, Sato Natsuki graduated from AKB48.

We are sorry about the sudden announcement.

However she reached this conclusion after thinking about this thoroughly, so we have accepted it.

We have reproduced her message to fans below:

Sorry about the sudden news.

I, Sato Natsuki, will graduate from AKB48.

As a second generation member, I have really accumulated a lot of experiences during my time in AKB.  I have met and said goodbye to a lot of people during my exciting times here.

After 6.5 years here, the Tokyo Dome concert this summer was an eye-opening experience for me.

Being able to perform on the stage of Tokyo Dome, even though I was definitely not the focus of the concert, was definitely proof that I have accomplished my dream.  I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.

I joined AKB I was 15, and when I realized it, I am 22...and because I am already 22...

I've been thinking about that, but realized I have been looking at the world as if I have seen a lot, and thought "wait, I am just 22."

Maybe there are things I have overlooked.

I realized there are still a lot of challenges, and a lot of things that need to be done diligently.

That's why now I want to go to an University, study hard, and graduate.

I want to be recognized as an able individual and I have to work hard for that.

I am going to focus on my studies and put the entertainment industry behind me.

I am sorry that I have come to this conclusion selfishly and caused trouble.

To fans that have supported me...

Thank you for all the smiles and all the love.
All my fans have great smiles that cheered me up and gave me courage all the time, but I've always been on the receiving end.
I have shown you my weaknesses as well, but you guys have become my support, which made me stronger.
Thank you for supporting someone like me.
I am grateful.

To my family...
Thank you for always being on my side.
I am sorry about all the trouble and tears I caused.
I will return the love you gave me many times more.
Thank you so much.

To staff and members - 

To all the staff, who have always been serious to me when I asked for advice.
To all the members that have laughed, cried and went through everything with me.

Because you were here all along with me
I was able to enjoy everything from the bottom of my heart.
The ability to laugh from the bottom of my heart until I start crying, I think that doesn't happen all the time.

The times I was able to spend with everyone during our extremely busy days, when we have to give everything every single day, is my life-long treasure, and it will serve me well for the rest of my life.

Thank you for the extremely happy times.

Sato Natsuki

November 29, 2012

Follow-Up Entry from Masuda Yuka

Masuda Yuka posted a follow-up entry today, found here

After reading the article and all the related reports, as well as messages from everyone, I feel that my blog post yesterday was written poorly and did not say everything I wanted to say, which made more people worry about me.
The article used words like "passionate love" and "adultery", which really shocked me because these are really not true.
I was able to build many relationships with other performers, which includes ISSA-san.
We talked about our dreams, futures, acting and singing.
Every day we talked about various things.  ISSA-san, as one of the performers, is like a brother to me and there are no romantic feelings whatsoever.
However, it was true that I acted inconsiderately, so it is not surprising this incident was written up that way. I am very very sorry.
Stage performance will start soon.
I am going to do my best.

Masuda Yuka

November 28, 2012

Masuda Yuka Resigns from AKB48

Masuda Yuka announced her resignation from AKB48 earlier this evening.

Here is the full translation of the related blog post, found here

"To Everyone"
Sorry about not updating this for a while.
This is quite sudden, but there will be an article about me tomorrow in one of the weekly magazines.
The article is about me staying over at the house of ISSA-san, who is from DA PUMP.
There are many untruths in the article, but the part about me staying over was true.
This inconsiderate action of mine has led to a lot of misunderstandings, as well as shocked many fans, team members, staff and family members that have supported me.
I have been thinking a lot about "Where to go from here?" In order to really draw a line, I have decided to withdraw from AKB48, as sudden as it is.
I am truly sorry to my fans, who have supported me since the beginning, that my withdrawal ended up like this.
To the people that are worrying about me because of the article, I wrote this blog post because I wanted to apologize to them first with my own words.

Masuda Yuka