November 29, 2012

Follow-Up Entry from Masuda Yuka

Masuda Yuka posted a follow-up entry today, found here

After reading the article and all the related reports, as well as messages from everyone, I feel that my blog post yesterday was written poorly and did not say everything I wanted to say, which made more people worry about me.
The article used words like "passionate love" and "adultery", which really shocked me because these are really not true.
I was able to build many relationships with other performers, which includes ISSA-san.
We talked about our dreams, futures, acting and singing.
Every day we talked about various things.  ISSA-san, as one of the performers, is like a brother to me and there are no romantic feelings whatsoever.
However, it was true that I acted inconsiderately, so it is not surprising this incident was written up that way. I am very very sorry.
Stage performance will start soon.
I am going to do my best.

Masuda Yuka

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