April 13, 2012

Quick Summary of 4th Senbatsu Election Candidates, Horse-Racing Style

This is taken from 2ch - therefore it is not "official" nor politically correct, but I thought it was hilarious and decided to translate it.

In Japan, betting on horse racing is quite popular, and there are newspapers/tabloids dedicated to this.  The writers use 4-character phrases to describe what they think of each horse.

Translated here are comments on last year's Top 40 members - I will try to use phrases with 4 words as well.

(edit - added Oba Mina)
(edit 2 - corrected translation for Nacchan, should say "good")

April 11, 2012

Hara Mizuki's Long Post on Her NMB48 Career


It's quite late to talk about this now, but
I announced my graduation during the performance on 9th.

AkiP: Hard Work Will Pay Off Someday

This is most likely a response to Yamamoto Sayaka's long post, which itself is a response to a long post from Hara Mizuki (recently graduated kks).


For those who think their hard work have not paid off.

The only thing you can do is keep up the hard work.
Work hard, and wait for your chance, that's really about it.

April 3, 2012

Togasaki on SDN48's Final Concert


Hi everyone, I just got home from the post-concert celebration.
I am seriously drunk.
I probably will regret writing this drunk post...

I think today's SDN48 graduation concert
was really really the best concert.
"Complete Combustion" (translator note: going all out)
are probably the best words to describe the concert.
And even though I already know this, today I was reassured that SDN48 is really supported by passionate fans.

The cheering was loud enough to shake up NHK Hall.
The MIXing chants, and the voices from all the fans that called out their names one by one.
All of these show their love for SDN48.
Members were crying because they saw the fans were cheering and crying until their voices gave out
But in the end there were smiles on all of their faces as they finished with "Kodoku na Runner" in true SDN48 fashion.

Like Noro said
"We SDN48 may not leave a huge legacy like AKB48, but we are happy as long as we can remain in your memories."
Today will definitely be remembered.

The members that gave everything during the 2-year, 8 months of SDN48 career also gave everything they had today.  They "completely combusted" as some members collapsed after the show and remained immobile for a while.
They will treasure this experience as all 39 members were of one mind today.
From here on, please feel free to come back to the theater and recharge if you're having a rough day or feeling down.

Finally - after the concert I had an argument with a fan who could not come to terms with SDN48 graduation.  Things got emotional and I am sorry that it went bad.