April 11, 2012

AkiP: Hard Work Will Pay Off Someday

This is most likely a response to Yamamoto Sayaka's long post, which itself is a response to a long post from Hara Mizuki (recently graduated kks).


For those who think their hard work have not paid off.

The only thing you can do is keep up the hard work.
Work hard, and wait for your chance, that's really about it.

Does the hard work pay off?
The problem is that you won't know when and where.

So what should you do if it doesn't pay off?
...blame it on someone else.

If no one notices your hard work, then the problem lies with people around you.
So for NMB, that would mean Kaneko, Kenmotsu and Sekine are doing a really poor job.
Which means, I'm doing a poor job.

Of course, this is after you've gone to the point that it's impossible to work any harder.
Then you can say, "these guys just don't see what I'm doing."

Actually, about 20 current "stars" were born from people who did not pass auditions, people who were turned down by producers, and people who I did not find interesting as a "creator".
I have terrible eyes.
In fact everyone has terrible eyes.

All you have to think is that there is definitely someone who understands your talents and sees your hard work.

Of course, you can concentrate on school now for a few years, and then give NMB auditions another try.

Please stand stall and say, "I have worked very hard.  I will keep working hard."

Life is a marathon.
It isn't a sprint.

Hara Mizuki, please do your best.

When Maeda Atsuko's graduation announcement was widely reported, Suzuki Rika, a kenkyuusei, graduated quietly without being noticed.  She graduated because she wanted to focus on school.  Both Maeda and Suzuki are in the middle of the marathon.

The goal is far away.
Pace yourself and you'll be fine.

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