June 18, 2012

AkiP's G+ Post About Sashihara


Let's talk about Sashihara Rino's move to HKT48.

We talked to her about the magazine article.
Her response was "Not everything in there is true, but there's nothing I can do about it if people want to believe everything."
This happened 3-4 years ago, when she was still a kenkyuusei.  As an AKB48 member, she is ashamed and deeply regrets these irresponsible actions.
She has been given a "yellow card" and disciplined accordingly.

Her mental strength and "never give up" attitude are exemplary among AKB members.
I would like for her to pass this strength to junior members, so she is moved to the recently formed HKT48.
Those who say that she was "demoted" is insulting HKT48 members, as well as the fans and staff who support them.
We reached the conclusions after a long meeting that we want to present Sashihara with a new challenge, as well as motivate the young HKT48 members.

How clumsy can she be, despite having reached 4th place as voted by fans?
This is an important time...
But this is Sashihara.
Maybe she will come back as the leader HKT48, the strongest group among this franchise.
Or she will blend in as part of HKT48, the strongest group among this franchise.

Please keep supporting the AKB member that is "most likely to not perform according to expectations".

June 7, 2012

Quick Thoughts on 27th Senbatsu Election

Sorry about the lack of updates.  I spent all of May preparing for my wedding, which took place on June 2nd.

Anyway here are some thoughts on the election...

- Quite surprised that Muto Tomu ranked, super low-key KKS is now the center of Future Girls.  Looking forward to more of her.

- 23rd is a great place for Paruru to start.  It is low enough that if she does climb in the rankings, the progress will be very visible, and decently high for a popular member of a new team that is trying to prove itself.

- Akicha is much better as center of Undergirls than a back-row dancer in Senbatsu.  See also: "Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara".

- 10 out of 16 Undergirls are NOT from AKB48, this will make the Tokyo girls work harder.

- Umechan finally in senbatsu!

- Kasai at 12th was quite surprising, considering we did not see a lot of her in the past year.  I almost thought she was not going to be called altogether.

- Jurina beats Rena.  I do acknowledge and admire her for being one of the hardest working members, but I feel that the hype surrounding her move to Team K and news about her physical condition gave her more votes than her work ethics / personality.

- Tomochin at 8th.  Both surprising and unsurprising.

- Mariko's speech was the most interesting of all.

- Sasshi jumped to 4th.  I still don't understand what her appeal is, but her visible hard work really paid off.

- Slightly surprised Yukirin did not move up to 2nd.  Queen of handshake events defeated by an Android :O

- I feel that Acchan stole Yuko's moment by coming out so early during her speech.