November 28, 2012

Masuda Yuka Resigns from AKB48

Masuda Yuka announced her resignation from AKB48 earlier this evening.

Here is the full translation of the related blog post, found here

"To Everyone"
Sorry about not updating this for a while.
This is quite sudden, but there will be an article about me tomorrow in one of the weekly magazines.
The article is about me staying over at the house of ISSA-san, who is from DA PUMP.
There are many untruths in the article, but the part about me staying over was true.
This inconsiderate action of mine has led to a lot of misunderstandings, as well as shocked many fans, team members, staff and family members that have supported me.
I have been thinking a lot about "Where to go from here?" In order to really draw a line, I have decided to withdraw from AKB48, as sudden as it is.
I am truly sorry to my fans, who have supported me since the beginning, that my withdrawal ended up like this.
To the people that are worrying about me because of the article, I wrote this blog post because I wanted to apologize to them first with my own words.

Masuda Yuka

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