March 10, 2012

AKB48 Interviews in HongKong Walker Part 1

The March issue of HongKong Walker featured AKB48 members on the cover, as well as a separate A4-sized booklet with interviews from these members and some information about the AKB48 Official Shop in Hong Kong.  At the end it also contains a list of upcoming AKB-related events in Hong Kong.

This post includes translations first two interviews.  Part 2 will include translations of the remaining interviews and the list of upcoming events in Hong Kong.

First up is Maeda Atsuko.

"Belongs to Team A of AKB48.  She ranked 1st in both Japan and Hong Kong Senbatsu Elections.  Became an actress in 2007, and was given leading roles in 2008.  She portrays a person with a disability in Ending Planner, a Japanese drama that is currently being aired.  Recently she is working on losing weight."

HongKong Walker: You are portraying a person with a disability in Ending Planner.  Have you thought about what roles you might be given next?
Maeda: Actually there are no roles that I particularly want to portray.  But because of this mentality, it's like a surprise every time and makes the shoot more enjoyable.

H: Will you become a full-time actress after you graduate from AKB48?
M: Maybe, but I don't know for sure and I haven't really thought about it.  (laughs) Even though I've been in AKB48 for 7 years, I still want to improve.

H: Looks like you really enjoy being part of AKB48.  Have you thought about what you might have become if you weren't able to join AKB48?
M: I love it here! (silence, thinking about the question seriously) If I wasn't able to join...I've never thought about this.  (H: Is it stressful being center most of the time?)  Not really!

H: So, you always look different.  Do you have a favorite hairstyle?
M: No, maybe I'm just easy-going, so I like them all.

H: Where do you go on your day off?
A: I like movies, so I go to a DVD shop and buy movies whenever I have time.

H: Have you been to Hong Kong as a personal vacation before?
A: I think...maybe...yes.  (thinks very hard)  (H: What was your favorite Hong Kong food?) (continues thinking hard) Food....hmmm...(H: What was your impression of Hong Kong?) Hmmm, I would love to go again!  Either a handshake event or even by myself.  Hong Kong is not that far from Japan, so I would really like to go soon!

H: Finally, how about choosing a song for fans in Hong Kong?
A: Well...of course our new song, "Give Me Five!"  Don't forget to listen to it!
Next interview is Oshima Yuko.

"Belongs to Team K of AKB48.  Ranked 2nd in last year's Senbatsu Election in Japan, and 3rd in Hong Kong.  Was already a child actress in 1996, joined "Light Music Club" during high school and played bass.  She attended International Jewelry Tokyo, a jewelry exhibition, and won "Jewelry Best Wearer Award" in January 2012.

HongKong Walker: Your first bedroom scene was in "The Reason I Can't Find My Love".  Were you nervous during the shoot?
Oshima Yuko: Frankly, I was not nervous.  (laughs).  There were a lot of staff, and since I did a lot of swimsuit shoots, so I'm used to exposing skin, therefore I wasn't too tense.  However the opposing actor (Hiraoka Yuta) was very nervous!

H: Oh yeah? (laughs)  You've been in AKB48 for 7 years, how do you feel about this?
O: 7 years is quite long, but on the flip side it's getting close to 10.  I hope we can do an Asia tour.

H: That would be great for fans in the region.  You are also a member of "Not Yet".  So, is there anything that you have "not yet" done?
O: I'm the type that likes to play video games or games on my phone whenever I have free time... (plays dumb)  So I need to learn how to manage my time better and work on my concentration.

H: Many people in Hong Kong are like that too, playing video games whenever they get the time.  So do you do nothing else?
O: No way.  (laughs out loud)  I like to go hiking and visit spiritual/sacred places, like Tochigi Prefecture, which is where I am from.  Please come visit - I highly recommend cities like Nikko, it's quite fun!

H: Ok, we'll make sure to tell everyone.  Since you're so popular, have you been recognized on the street?
O: Yeah, sure!  This one time I was recognized by an old lady at a hot spring, and she said,  "Aren't you so-and-so from AKB...?"  I was surprised that she knew about us! (laughs)

H: What is your impression of Hong Kong?
O: I was reading a magazine the other day and apparently it's a place where dragons pass through.  This year is also the year of Dragon, so maybe it's calling out to me.  (laughs)  I hope to visit Hong Kong personally this year and check out the view at night, which I was not able to do last time.

H: Final question - what song would you like to choose for the fans?
O: I hope you guys will listen to more of our group stage songs!

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