March 25, 2012

More Afterthoughts from AkiP and Togasaki about Jurina and Miyuki

Oops, I meant to post yesterday, but this post didn't go through.
It's difficult to decide whether or not to go ahead with something new,
because of course some people will disagree.
I am the producer of the entire AKB48 group.
I don't think it's a good idea to only focus on making AKB48 better.
SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48 are also important groups.
I don't know what the time frame is for Jurina and Miyuki's rental transfer,
because we haven't decided the schedule for original performance for Team N of NMB48, new performance for Team S of SKE48, Team K and B of AKB48.
Also because we want to give them more experience.
Of course it will be slow and we will not overwork the members.
We also want Jurina to do well in school.
It's possible that AKB48 members will be "studying abroad" and sent to SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48.
Let's try some new ideas.

Thanks for everyone's passionate comments.
"Please explain this in detail"
It's important to explain everything,
but I am not at liberty to tell you everything.
With regards to Jurina, her health condition is our priority.  She works harder than her body allows because she feels responsible as one of the two centers of SKE48.  In a good way her rivalry with Rena is keeping her up.
To be concurrently in SKE and AKB, I feel that she's not resting if she doesn't perform when she is asked to go on stage.  It's also no good to let Jurina rest when SKE is working very hard out there.  I talked to Yuko and Itano from AKB, and they think that Jurina can grow by learning the group stage songs, and SKE will grow by having to cover Jurina's absence.
With regards to Miyuki - she is always between being confident and being worried.  She always double-checks with the manager about her position for new songs or gravure shoots.  She is the type that cries and comes asking "Why was I not chosen" when we announced that Yamamoto Sayaka was picked for senbatsu for AKB's new song.  As one of the two current centers of NMB, and as future center material, we want her to have more charisma like Kashiwagi or Mayu.
We want Team K to benefit from Jurina's high potential, and Team B to benefit from Miyuki's "magic" - this should give them a good jolt.
I am doing this for SKE and NMB.
If this decision turns out wrong,
I will resign as SKE and NMB's producer.
Of course, if this is also a wrong decision for AKB,
then I will resign as AKB's producer as well.
I will push the entire AKB group forward, even if this means putting myself on the line.

Here's one more thing.
A lot of people are asking, "Why them?"  So here's the answer.
These are "signs".  Like when a flower about to bloom, I feel these girls are on the brink of stardom.
Even if it's just now.
Maybe there will be other "signs" in 6 months, from members that I didn't choose.
The cruel part,
is that blooming has nothing to do with seniority or hard work.
It's not that hard work doesn't pay off, but rather "hard work" is one of the minimum requirements.
But still they won't bloom equally.
I want to make as many members bloom, so I change how I shine the light on them, I choose different fertilizers, I change the amount of water.
Like Iwasa Misaki, the first Enka singer in AKB, and Matsui Sakiko, who is about to release her first solo album.
But what will happen to ones that haven't bloomed?
They get worried, and they become dissatisfied with how they are being brought up.
What kind of advice am I suppose to give them?
It's hard to console them.
"Wait until you bloom"
"Wait until the it's your chance"
Do I focus on a few, or open up the field to everyone and end up not having a lot of flowers blooming?
Maybe one can get into AKB.
But it isn't guaranteed that everyone will become a star.
It's "Can you accept this cruel reality?"
As a producer I always try my hardest to make as many people stars as possible.
But I want them to understand that the road to stardom requires more than this.
"But Akimoto-san decided that I pass the audition"
So even the ones that haven't bloomed will have a chance to bloom.
What if you're still not blooming?
Then that means I have bad eyes.
So please go see someone else who has more talent than me.
I will write referrals.
Until then, please let me know of "seeds" that I haven't noticed.

Last week, I stayed up all night writing a new NMB song.  Now I'm writing a new SKE song.
I think about these groups more than anyone else, but am I making the wrong decisions?
I've stopped writing.
What to do.
It's a shame that SKE and NMB fans don't understand where I'm coming from.

From Togasaki:

I have received a lot of questions from everyone, regarding the "Concurrent" roles.  We will let you know as soon as we work out the details and adjustments, so please bears with us.
As expected, we acknowledge that there are pros and cons.
Looks like there are a lot of people that want to talk to me in person - please come see me at the Theater CD handshake event on April 7th in the Manager Room.
I would also like to meet SKE and NMB fans to talk about this.
I have talked to the respective managers and will be going to their respective event venues, so please wait patiently.
Anyway - these sudden announcements might be shocking, but the theme for AKB48 group, known for its increasing sister units and sub-units, is "change".
The two members will bring DNA from their time in AKB48 and spread them in SKE/NMB.  By the same token, SKE/NMB DNA will be brought to AKB48.
We would like to think of this as a chemical reaction.
What kind of reaction, though?  I would be glad to wait with everyone and find out.

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  1. just want share some thoughts:
    "If this decision turns out wrong, I will resign as SKE and NMB's producer. Of course, if this is also a wrong decision for AKB, then I will resign as AKB's producer as well." ---> shows he's quite sure that this is a good move

    i like his post about the blooming thing. it is a very hard choice to make, whether to "focus on a few, or open up the field to everyone." and there's no way that everyone can be 100% no matter which way he goes.

    togasaki: "please come see me at the Theater CD handshake event on April 7th in the Manager Room." --> someone pls tell me, is it really possible to go see him? i've never been to any akb/ske/etc theatres before, so is it really possible to see him without making an appointment etc? just curious.