March 14, 2012

AkiP Posts More About Clubs

An informative g+ post from AkiP today - we finally get a glimpse of what each club is working on.


Art Club, do your best!
We're counting on you, Katayama!

[translation note: it's art club's first day and they're out doing stuff, so Katayama will probably post more later]

Light Music Club, how about composing some songs to practice?
We'll put it in an album.
We're counting on you, Yokoyama!

Cultural Club, see if you can get some sort of weekly/monthly column somewhere.
Also think about new TV programs.
You can even make movies or dramas.
We're counting on you, Kitahara!

Cooking Club - how about making some items for AKB cafe, plan a TV show or publish a recipe collection?
We're counting on you, Nakatsuka!

Drama Club - have you started any workshops?
I would like to see some scripts/scenarios in the theater soon.
Let's discuss this soon.

Looks like there are calls for sports clubs, but we don't really have any place for it at the moment.

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