March 11, 2012

Urano Kazumi Tentatively Joins Watarirouka Hashiritai 7: Reactions from Warota Members

News of a new Watarirouka 7 member broke out around 10pm on March 10th after AkiP announced his decision (my translations for those are available in the relevant article on Melos no Michi).  This was a surprise to both fans and members alike.  I follow a lot of AKB fans in Southeast Asia on twitter, and my list was scrolling almost as fast as the comments on google+ after the news was reported.

Here are the responses from Watarirouka Hashiritai members...

Watanabe Mayu


Managers at OgiPro are rolling their eyes back into their heads now

Nakagawa Haruka

Is it really going to be CinDy?
Wait a moment.
Akimoto Sensei~~~~

Now, this is how I feel.
I wonder what would happen to Warota.
But Akimoto Sensei must have his reasons for this decision.
On the other hand, this was really bad for my heart!  Yasusu Sensei!

I don't know anymore!

It'll be a new Warota with CinDy.
We'll never know if we don't try, and I think it will be ok.
That's why Akimoto Sensei decided to do this.
I'm sure there is a reason behind it.
I don't want to be part of the "adult discussion", that's what I'm saying.
If they can decide, then it is settled.  We'll take it from here, discuss this among ourselves and become the new Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

Kikuchi Ayaka

Are you serious? (lol)

Warota meeting over SMS now.
Personally I'm ok with this arrangement, seems like it will be fun.
Yes.  Hmmmm.
Google+ is scary.

Oota Aika

Yasusu Sensei!
About Warota7 -
I agree with your tentative decision to add CinDy.
But will you consider my mother Yuko as well? (lol)

Does CinDy now?
I'm gonna fall over if I don't tell her now.
<some local/2ch slang that I can't decipher, has "lols" attached at the end>

11:05pm - (after AkiP replied that her mother can join as well)
My mom is shedding tears of joy!
Thank you!  Thank you!

AKB really is a great place (lol)

Anyway I better get to bed.
Haven't even showered (lol)

Iwasa Misaki

CinDy synnnnnnnnnnnnnndroooooooooooooooome
I'm on my knees and waiting for more information now

Warota is going crazy

Don't forget the goddess at my house! [note: her mom]
She is very domestic and an airhead!
She's been on TV!

Actually he must be tired
This is a dream
This is a nightmare!

hmmm, Yasusu-dono?

Are you asking someone else to do what you're supposed to do?

<final line from Kanpeki Guu no Ne>

Speaking of which, this is a very serious discussion, isn't it? lol

<Breaking News>
Wasamama is going to debut as a singer

11:27pm - 
How will this turn out? lol

The internet is a very fun place.
Going to shower now.
See you tomorrow!

Komori Mika

10:39pm - [note: this was probably before she saw AkiP's announcement]
Yasusu Sensei!
Matsubara Natsumi said she wants to join!
How about it?

10:48pm - 
Now I'm rolling my eyes back into my head too!

10:59pm - 
What's happening!
Will it be ok if I just stopped thinking?

Speaking of which...
Ayarin said we're meeting now over SMS
But I can't send any messages...

11:03pm - 
I love you!  

Warota meeting messages...
When will it come...I still haven't gotten any!

11:24pm - 
Thank you very much!
How about letting my dad, sister and brother all join?


  1. Thanks a lot for the translations! It saves me so much time trying to do them each on my own and often times I'm not sure I catch everything.

    For Komori's "Sato Natsuki said she wants to join!" I'm pretty sure なっつみーさん was referring to Matsubara Natsumi.

    Also, CinDy wrote a response via Shinobu's G+ account, which I'm sure a lot of people missed. -

    1. Ah yes - thanks for pointing out both. I was in a hurry to get these up last night and mistook Matsubara for Sato.

      I also saw CinDy's response on Shinobu's account, but I think it is more appropriate for the main article over at Melos no Michi, I will add the translation there.