March 15, 2012

Kashiwagi Yuki's Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich Available at AKB Cafe

Lately the AKB cafe in Akihabara is getting all sorts of new items.  The two that are being discussed on google+ are Paruru's Blueberry Cream Sandwich and Yukirin's Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich.

The former was introduced a while ago and received a lot of good reviews.  It was even pulled off the menu for a while because "the taste was a little bit off from the original", and chefs scrambled to reproduce the taste of Shimazaki Mama.

Then one day Yukirin decided to post one of her favorites - Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich.  The reactions were very polarized but it generated a lot of discussion.

Yesterday AkiP finally got a chance to try out both and this is what he said...

So I finally tried the sandwiches.
Well, to each his own.
The Shimazaki Mama sandwich gave me a "Ahhh I get it now" feeling.  I wonder if it's good thinking about how ponkotsu was raised on this sandwich while eating it.  On the other hand, Kashiwagi is cute, sings well and has a great personality...but her sandwich makes me want to ask her, "WHY?"
Oh well, people have different tastes in food.
Shigematsu at AKB Cafe!
Get rid of items that don't sell well.
Let's quickly put the Kashiwagi Sandwich on the menu for a limited time.

[translation note: "ponkotsu" means "stupid, clumsy".  2ch uses this word when talking about Paruru.  AkiP either picked it up on 2ch, or he heard it on radio when Paruru used this word to refer to herself]

Then he elaborated a little more:

Business Call.
Shigematsu at AKB Cafe!
It looks like there are people who really want to try the Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich.
Please put out a flyer that says, "We recommend this, however..." for one month and see what happens.
There might be people who want to eat this after seeing it.

And asked Kashiwagi for more:

Kashiwagi, now that we have the Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich, give me more recipes!
No no, I just thought maybe Kashiwagi will introduce me to more "different" dishes.
This is bad.
I kind want to have another Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich.
It's lingering.
The interesting taste...

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