March 31, 2012

AkiP and Kobayashi Kana

Kobayashi Kana posted about a conversation with her father:

Dad called and yelled at me -
He told me to work harder
and that I'm not understanding the order of chance is different for everyone
Comparing me with others
He must be worried.
I understand
I do understand, but...
and now I'm writing this because I'm feeling down
I'm sorry.

AkiP shared this and responded:

Everyone is working pretty hard.
So is Kana.
You don't know when the order of chance is coming to you.
Maybe it won't.
But you can only do your best and wait.
But didn't "Kurukupaa" rank pretty high this year during Reqhest Hour?
It's because you were sitting there with the green onion.
You're waiting for your chance.
I can only tell you to keep doing your best.
But, someone will surely see your worth down the road.

Oh and sorry about the lack of formatting in the past few entries - too many things going on and had to translate as fast as possible, so formatting had to take the backseat.

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