March 2, 2012

AkiP Compares AKB Members to Food

This was pretty funny and I just had to share.

AkiP's response to fan comments at 1am March 2nd:

I've been reading all the comments, and a lot of people were asking that we treat all the members equally when it comes to cutting and editing their time on screen in commercials or music videos - unfortunately that cannot be the case.

"I don't remember ever eating a memorable Makunouchi Bentou" [tl note: a bento box with at least 3-4 different side dishes, sometimes more]
There are too many side dishes, so they're not that memorable.
The Unagi [eel] Bento was very delicious,
The Ikura [salmon roe] Bento was great,
The Gyu-tan [beef tongue] Bento was excellent,
That's because there was only one dish.

If everyone got the same amount of attention in commercials or videos, people won't remember.
Of course, I do want to make sure everyone gets their fair share of screen time.
I'll ask the director to see what he can do.
Now I wonder...did he have any particular members in mind when he mentioned Unagi, Ikura, or Gyu-tan?

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