March 25, 2012

AkiP On Maeda Atsuko Graduation Announcement

Maeda Atsuko announced her graduation.
We discussed this quite a few times, and of course I tried to stop her, but I told her "please decide for yourself".
I also said that if she decides to announce it, then do it on the last day of SSA concert.
Probably during the MC of "Dareka no Tameni".
When her hand was on her chest and she was calming down, I thought, "she's going to do it."

She is a stoic person.
She doesn't like to have casual/meaningless relationships with people so she corners herself.
She is a loner.
She is hard on herself and sometimes people think she's cross.
But it's also difficult for her when she thinks everyone coddles her.
Maybe she is afraid that if she stays in this easy environment longer, she might become an unreasonable, selfish person.
So, she is going to challenge herself by jumping into the cruel real world.

I have asked the ever-so-clumsy Maeda to be the center for 6-1/2 years, so it's time to let her do what she wants.

We haven't decided anything yet, but we would like everyone to send warm wishes to her graduation.

You worked very, very hard.
You did great.

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