February 1, 2013

Hirata Rina's G+ Post

Hirata Rina wrote a long post after learning Minegishi Minami's demotion.  It was a very mature, sensible take on the situation and fans have applauded her for it.  I would like more people to see it so I translated it on twitter.  But there is only so much you can do with 140 characters, even with multiple tweets, so here is the unabridged version...

This is Hilary.
I was eating with Yukarun and Miyupon when I found out about what happened to Minegishi-san through Togasaki-san's blog.
We haven't heard anything so we were confused, we were not sure if posting on g+ was a good idea, but now I will write down what's on my mind.
I have always admired Minegishi-san.
At this point, KKS are not featured in performances of regular teams, so I have only been able to talk to her during concert rehearsals.  
But every time I see her, she is always very nice, and gives her everything during performances and MCs.
I have always wanted to be like her, someone who is able to do just about everything.
So I was very shocked to find out about this and really had no idea what to do.
To be honest I still have no idea what will happen.
But I do know that even if she broke the rules, her hard work up to this point has taught us many things.  And her strength has been part of AKB's support for the past 7 years.
I respect her as a person.
For someone so close to the goal, it must be difficult and takes a lot of courage to start again from beginning.  
So when she becomes a KKS, I will greet her with smile and respect.
What happened this time has made people angry, sad and hurt, but I would like to gather up all the negative feelings and share it with everyone - that way we can go through this together and share the happiness that comes after.
I still cannot believe she is going to be a KKS, but if it is true, we will do our best to learn everything we can from her and become better at what we do, no matter how little the growth may be.
We would also be very delighted if Minegishi-san is able to discover new things when she is with us.
We will do our best to make sure everyone enjoys AKB - we want you to think that your days are enjoyable because of us.
This is how we want to move forward.
I want to make everyone happy - this sentiment has not changed since I joined AKB.
I am going to work harder than ever, please look forward to it!

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  1. Truly remarkable. Hard to believe it comes from a 14-year-old.